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May 18,2014
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Zhang Daqian (張大千, 1899-1983) _, _

Ink and colour on paper

May 18,2014
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Zhang Daqian (張大千, 1899-1983) _, _, _

Hanging scrolls, ink and colour on paper

May 18,2014
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Plum Blossoms and Wild Bird (梅花山鳥)

Chen Hongshou (1599-1652), Ming dynasty _

Hanging scroll, ink and coluor on silk, 124.3 x 49.6 cm, National Palace Museum

May 18,2014
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“Τοὺς προδότας γὰρ μισεῖν ἔμαθον,
κοὐκ ἔστι νόσος
τῆσδ᾽ ἥντιν᾽ ἀπέπτυσα μᾶλλον”
— Αἰσχύλου, Προμηθεὺς Δεσμώτης (στ. 1068 - 1070)

“I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery.”

Jan 27,2014
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'Calm Spring in Jiangnan' _

Jan 27,2014
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《禮記 - Liji》

Liji (Book of Rites)
Qu Li I
“The Summary of the Rules of Propriety says: Always and in everything let there be reverence; with the deportment grave as when one is thinking (deeply), and with speech composed and definite. This will make the people tranquil.”

Jan 27,2014
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'Following the Footsteps if Yu' (禹迹图, Yǔjī tú)

A 12th century (1136) detailed map of China, carved during the Song dynasty on a stele now located in Xi’an’s famous Stele Forest Museum. _

Jan 26,2014
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"Men of talent and virtue can be familiar with others and yet respect them; can stand in awe of others and yet love them. They love others and yet acknowledge the evil that is in them. They accumulate (wealth) and yet are able to part with it (to help this in need); they rest in what gives them satisfaction and yet can seek satisfaction elsewhere (when it is desirable to do so). When you find wealth within your reach, do not (try to) get it by improper means; when you meet with calamity, do not (try to) escape from it by improper means. Do not seek for victory in small contentions; do not seek for more than your proper share. Do not positively affirm what you have doubts about; and (when you have no doubts), do not let what you say appear (simply) as your own view.

Nov 30,2013
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"As a handful of sand thrown into the ocean, so are the sins of all flesh compared with the mind of God."

"Just as a strongly flowing fountain is not blocked up by a handful of earth, so the compassion of The Creator is not overcome by the wickedness of His creatures."

"Someone who bears a grudge while he prays is like a person who sows in the sea and expects to reap a harvest."

St. Isaac The Syrian, 7th century

Nov 14,2013
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Old Plum

Chen Hongshou (1599-1652), Ming dynasty _

Album leaf, ink and light colors on paper, 24.3 x 31.1 cm